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Eric Bailey

Growing up in South Central L.A. Eric was forced to confront the significant barriers around him. Abject poverty, crime, drug abuse, inadequate medical care, a flawed educational system and negative peer influence were problems he routinely faced. Many told him of an inevitable fate: gang violence, drug addiction, prison or death.

The message was simple – You are destined to be an uneducated, disabled black man who will never amount to anything. They were wrong. Eric, even from an early age, had an innate visionary ability. Supported by his adoptive parents he began to craft a vision for himself far exceeding the minimal expectations foisted upon him. His parents constantly reminded him that, “When life stops when you stop!”

Undeterred, Eric went to a junior college to improve his grades and ended up obtaining a scholarship to Boise State University. Though passed over in the NBA draft he was determined to play pro basketball and headed off to Australia for a career in the NBL. Eric went on to a successful pro career, playing for over a decade with the Hobart Devils, Melbourne Tigers, Gippsland Lakers, Gold Coast Rollers, and

Southern District Spartans. After retiring from his basketball career Eric went on to have a successful career as a top salesman with a number of companies.

He has organized children’s charity events and hosted celebrity basketball tournaments alongside the likes of ex-NBA phenomenon Michael Jordan and movie star Jamie Foxx. Eric also hosted an on-air radio show for 3 years and wrote a weekly newspaper column on the topics of health and motivation.

Ultimately, a desire to share his life experience and insights into the importance of vision led Eric to begin his career as a professional speaker. Since 1996 he has spoken to over 1.5 million people around the world on how to achieve personal and organizational excellence. Whether creating a successful business or the life of your dreams, the outcome you truly desire is not something that happens magically.

You need a clear picture of what it is and what it looks like. Eric has helped over 1.5 million people craft visions for themselves and their organizations and manifest these into reality! Eric is one of the world’s foremost speakers on the subject of motivation and vision.

Drawing on successful careers in professional sport, executive management, sales, and as a husband and father, Eric is the spark that can ignite the burning passion that dwells in each of us. He draws on his unique life experiences and a wealth of knowledge in the field of personal and organizational excellence to create powerful and inspiring keynotes that leave audiences in awe. With presence and personality, he commands a room like few can.

His message has been delivered across media channels. Eric hosted an Australian radio call-in show for 3 years and also wrote a weekly newspaper column called Body and Soul, both on the subject of health and motivation.

\He has appeared on television as an expert in the field of personal development as well as an ex-pro athlete. Eric holds the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, conferred by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. The CSP designation has strict standards and a rigorous five-year certification process during which speakers must demonstrate both experience and expertise. Less than 10 per cent of all speakers worldwide have this certification and it represents one of the highest achievements possible for a speaking professional.

Eric continues to inspire audiences around the world with his story and the incredible power of vision.

He has delivered talks and training sessions to many multinational corporations, including Nike, McDonalds, Ford, Nissan, Reebok, Toshiba and Canon, to name a few. He has also shared the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Tim Ferriss, Harry Dent, Laurel Langemeier, Randi Zuckerburg, Danny Green and many more. . .

He has also brought uplifting, youth-focused messages to students at hundreds of schools around the world.

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Aaron Sansoni

With qualifications in Business, Sales, Marketing and Management – Aaron has a robust, holistic approach to business solutions.

Aaron’s experience is as diverse as it is in-depth. From managing multimillion dollar companies, to working with sole traders, owning several companies, and educating audiences at small to large scale events, Aaron likes to keep busy!

He is also the CEO and Founder of two business coaching firms that specialise in SME (small and medium sized business) as well as having partnership in several more companies. Although these take up most of his spare time, he loves it!

The past decade or so has seen Aaron work successfully with businesses all over the globe. With a sense of adventure, Aaron has travelled over 38 countries staying in all types accommodation from lavish hotels to backpacking – he loves to experience all he can.

Aaron’s passion is sharing his knowledge with small and medium business owners and managers, helping them grow their businesses in ways they never thought possible.

If you or your team needs passion, energy and results . . .