Christmas time is a unique time of year. There’s the busy pace at work as the calendar year draws to a close and the festivities that are eagerly anticipated by you, your colleagues and in some cases your clients.

A corporate Christmas party is an important event that provides your organisation the opportunity to thank your staff, clients or members and acknowledge and reward their efforts in a fun and friendly setting.

The Christmas party is the one opportunity you have every year to convey your key messages, build camaraderie and create a sense of team amongst the key stakeholders in your organisation. Your Christmas party needs to reflect a balance of good cheer whilst at the same time achieving your corporate objectives. At The Event Negotiators we’ll manage your expectations and those of your stakeholders so that the company as a whole reaps the rewards in the staging of this event.

We’ll work with you to develop a brief that outlines your key objectives, the target market, and your corporate culture. From there we will create an event that unites all the logistical and creative elements for a successful and memorable occasion that will leave your staff feeling happy and appreciated, thus enhancing morale and productivity.

We’ll help select the perfect venue, and food and beverage package, devise the theme, develop marketing and promotional material, design invitations, seek merchandise or Christmas favours, provide logistical support and registration, source the right entertainment and coordinate all aspects of your event from start to finish to ensure its runs well and surpasses the expectations of you and your guests.

A well designed and implemented Christmas party can set the right tone for your organisation in the New Year so ask The Event Negotiators how we can help you achieve that goal as a start.