Product / Services

Event Procurement

We assess your existing event, in its entirety, so you get better mileage for your dollar. That doesn’t necessarily mean we sit and barter with venues. We simply know, when it comes to costs, if there’s room to move.

We understand all the costs from labour to COGS to service. The ratios, the lengths of time, and where there may be holes. We also look at the “upcoming” potential enquires and work with you to negotiate the best possible price point end-to-end. This means forecasting for events becomes exceptionally streamlined with no surprises.

Event Auditing

Working internally within your teams, we assist with creating financial structures that allows for effortless event enquiries. This provides your teams with the skillset to continue to enquire with vendors without the need of our procurement process. These systems provide 100% accuracy in forecasting the exact event spend upfront before an event has even occurred.

Event Management

We’re not just negotiators, we’re skilled event managers too. Experts in executing creative, technical and logistical events, we spend time understanding your event, its audience and the end goals. Décor, lighting, theming, styling, sound, organising volunteers, we can do it all. If you don’t have the skills in-house to plan, manage and oversee your event calendar, let’s chat.