Event Negotiators is an event procurement an auditing service, helping you get the most out of your event budget.

Working with your organisation we treat your budget as if it was our own. We take your enquiries for all your events (whether that is 1 or 1000) and we get the best negotiated deals for you.

We then pass the completed contracts to your internal events team to execute the event and or our team continues the end to end management of the event.

At Event Negotiators, we’re in the know. We know how much things cost and where we can leverage. Out specialised team make it their business to know companies COGS and Labour, if an entity owns a freehold. We know the cost of beverages landed and the margins; How long it takes to set up a buffet table through to changing the linen on a bed. There is no compromise on quality, this is about procuring the best possible rate for your business.

In addition, Event Negotiators offers an auditing service which helps to identify the revenue leakage and streamline the business processes to allow for best quality control and negotiated rates in the business. Read More…


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